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Owner and Manager - Giuseppe (Joe) Mondello

Serving Cheyenne, WY and the surrounding areas

Pizza Twitter_Round (2) Calzones with cheese

Have you ever tried one of our tasty calzones? You will always remember the first time you ate one of our calzones, which is a mozzarella, ricotta, ham and cheese turnover with no sauce. Pick from individual or family-size calzones.


All of our fresh, authentic Italian dishes are made to order using only the best, premium ingredients. Call to order a stromboli or calzone today!

You Will Enjoy Our Calzones

Build Your Own Stromboli

Looking for a fun and delicious meal option for your whole family? Consider building your own stromboli at L'Osteria Mondello.


You can choose from an individual or family-size stromboli with a wide variety of fresh toppings that will satisfy any craving.

• Cheese

• Anchovies

• Meatballs

• Mushrooms

• Pepperoni

• Green Peppers

Pick Your Favorite Toppings

Order Your Stromboli

Get yourself a delicious and fresh stromboli or calzone today. Pick your favorite toppings and we will make it to your personal taste.

• Ham

• Onions

• Sausage

• Black Olives

• Fresh Garlic

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