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History shows that pizza was originated on the slopes of Mt. Vesuvius, which is just 15 miles away from sunny Naples, Italy.


One day Antonio Pizzarello, a baker's assistant in the mountainside town of Pompeii, gathered tomatoes from a nearby field and returned to the bakery where he worked. He was distracted by a young girl buying a loaf of bread. Pizzarello tripped and his load of tomatoes landed on a large piece of dough ready to be baked.


The bakery's owner, Pizzarello, and the girl, became pleased with the accident and the heavenly smell omitting from the heated oven. And so the first Pizzarello was born.


In 1600, the name was shortened to Pizza and cheese was added by Pasquale Mozzarella.


It is believed that the heat generated by 5,000 families hard at work making pizzas was responsible for the explosion of Mt. Vesuvius.


The volcano's lava had much to do with pizza's early history. Before the explosion, many Pompeiites frolicked the field and stopped to cook a pizza over the lava. This created the expression "I lava pizza," which coins the commonly used phrase "I lava

L'osteria Mondello Pizza."

The History and Origin of Pizza

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Treat your taste buds to fresh, made-from-scratch Italian dishes from the pizzeria at L'Osteria Mondello. Grab a pizza with all your favorite, tasty toppings.


Leave the cooking to us!

• Pizza

• Philly cheesesteaks

• Hot and cold Italian subs

• Calzones

• Salads

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When you dine in our pizzeria, you'll be sure to fulfill that Italian food craving you've been having. Enjoy the quality of our made-from-scratch bread.

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